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1 month later !

So it's been a month since the last post, what happened ?

Well a lot ... The gameplay prototype advanced quite well, now the 3 different player Archetype are all playable (Sword and Shield, Archer, and Mage), none of them are final, but having them playable early let us iterate on the gameplay. We currently are working on adding synergy between the character, a great example is the Overwatch state for the Archer, when the archer is in this state, it can now attack out of his turn, but for that an ally need to hit a target that is in the Line of sight of the archer, it offer a challenge of planning and positioning during the fight. You can find video of the gameplay prototype on our youtube channel :

on the art side, we have done quite some work on the character design, none of them are final yet, but I can give you a glimpse of the style we are developing for them :

the art style for the 3d Environment are also coming along but more details on a later date for that.

So right now we continue to focus on polishing the gameplay prototype as our first playtest for the combat system is schedule for end of March.

that is all for this month post (I'm thinking about doing 1 details post monthly for now on). But don't forget that you can find A LOT more details and even ask anything you want on the Discord channel here : See you next month :)

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