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March update - Playtest and more !

So the March month was pretty eventful for us, and ended in a really high not yesterday with our first playtest.

A lot of players came here at the GameplaySpace to play game in development, and I use that occasion to gather the first feedback from players for our game. People seems to really like the idea and the gameplay, is of course not finish and so I gather a lots of interesting idea to make things better, but it was really positive overall. Thanks to everyone you take the time to play Yesterday ! :)

On the gameplay side, the mechanics of "Focus" has been introduce, it's a gauge that represent several things, but is main use is to dodge incoming attack, when the gauge is high, enemies will miss more often, and your focus will decrease whenever you receive one (hit or miss). You can "Rest" to regain Focus, but if you do so close to an enemy you will not gain a lot of Focus (the influence zone around an enemy is represented by the red-ish square). So the best way to handle that is to get some distance and then Rest. That make the game a lot less static than before, moving around is not import to just attack but also to defend and rest.

So change were also made to the UI, the Central Widget is now displaying a lot more information when a character have a turn. You will be able to see in which State your character is (to follow up correct combo when you character had not finish them in the previous turn for example), and you also see whenever to enter an Input, an animation will display what Input it was and color it in Red if it didn't find a valid combo to go, or in Green if that input let to a valid one. It is extremely useful when you try to learn the game and discover all the move of your character.

And on the last note, We've been trying to find a nice balance between the more Forest-y props and the feeling of inside the mystical Tower for the environment. We still have work to do on that side but we start to have interesting mix. here is a quick video to show you our last progress :

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